1. Do not go abroad. Cancel or postpone your travels.
  2. If you are out, spend the first fourteen days at home on your return.
  3. Isolate yourself at home to protect family members.
  4. Do not receive visitors during the time spent at home.
  5. Do not enter the room of an isolated person without a mask.
  6. Ventilate your room frequently.
  7. Avoid contact with people, especially the elderly and those with chronic illnesses.
  8. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least twenty seconds.
  9. Clean frequently used surfaces such as door handles, fixtures, sinks with water and detergent every day.
  10. Do not share personal items such as towels.
  11. Wash your clothes at 60-90oC with normal detergent.
  12. Drink plenty of fluids, eat a balanced diet, pay attention to your sleep patterns.
  13. If you have to leave the house, always wear a mask.
  14. If you have persistent fever, cough and shortness of breath, wear a mask and consult a healthcare facility.