Dear all,

After completing my education in the Faculty of Education, this journey I started with the partnership of Final Education Institution, which was established in Istanbul in 1987, continued by establishing 24 private schools, colleges and two universities.

After all, in 2009, we are happy to transform the European Vocational School, which we established and successfully served in Istanbul, into a university under the name of Kocaeli Health and Technology. Although this university is new, I would like you to know that the European Vocational School, Cyprus Island Kent University, I and the European Education Group have thirty-five years of educational experience behind it.

What changes the world is the change and renewal of people’s desires and expectations. Education should be in dynamism to respond to these expectations and rapid change. We should be able to dry today’s laundry in the sun of today, even tomorrow, not yesterday. For this, we must base the flexibility and innovation of postmodern approaches in education.

Universities should have four important functions: to produce knowledge, to convey knowledge, to preserve knowledge and to disseminate knowledge. For us, these four functions are our four separate goals.

Our first goal is to employ and support academic staff who are equipped with information and produce new information in the field of health and technologies.  In addition to students’ learning, our other must is to create laboratories and physical infrastructures that allow students to conduct research and production.  Our ultimate goal is to teach and produce with the employment of those who are ambitious and targeted, and to provide services to the Turkish Nation and humanity.

Kocaeli is the second largest city in the region. It is the production centre. It offers a wide range of opportunities to support students’ social and cultural intelligence. We intend to make significant contributions to the higher education and technological production of Kocaeli with the dynamism of being the first foundation university.

In our opinion, historical and old universities may not always be good universities. Achieving success is quicker with dynamic universities that have goals and experience to fulfill them.

You are welcome to walk together to beautiful goals.


May 2020,



Chairman of the Board of Trustees