The European Education Group, under the presidency of educator Dr. Talip Emiroğlu, has been providing services to Turkish special education in private education institutions, private schools and higher education since 1987.

Istanbul Final Education Institution, European College, BJK College, European Kent College, European Vocational School, Cyprus Island Kent University were among the educational institutions of the group. Kocaeli Health and Technology University has been added to this chain in 2020.

Through the European Education Foundation, our group has provided scholarships to more than 2,500 students. On the basis of its responsibility, our Foundation built 4 schools, three in Istanbul and one in Giresun, and delivered them to our Ministry of National Education. Again, through our Foundation, many trainings and projects with content have been supported nationally and internationally, and conferences and seminars have been organized.

Talip Emiroğlu, who started his education management in 1987 with the partnership of Istanbul Final Education Institution; founded the European College in 1995, the BJK College in 1996, and the European Kent College and its branches in 2004. Under Emiroğlu’s leadership, the European Education Foundation established the Istanbul European Vocational School in 2009 and started to serve in higher education

Established in 2015, Cyprus Island Kent University has also carried this service to an international dimension.

Istanbul European Vocational School, which has been providing education with its departments in the field of health since 2009, has graduated thousands of students, both local and foreign, and brought them to health services. After successfully providing education in Istanbul for 11 years, our European Vocational School has been included in our Health and Technology University, which was established in Kocaeli by the European Education Foundation in 2020.