Meaning of the Logo

Acquiring knowledge in the 21st century understanding of education will be replaced by talent development. In other words, the repertoire of competencies of the person will become important not the product equipment. Talent development will become the main goal of education. The most important of these skills can be gathered under the headings of communication and cooperation, adequacy of healthy life, production and conscious consumption adequacy. Kocaeli Health and Technology University graduates its students by equipping them with these basic competencies and skills regardless of their field and level of education.  Graduates of Kocaeli Health and Technology University are trained to enter business life with a power and foresight that not only follows previously accepted ideas, but also recreates needs and rules within their own unique conditions.  Turkish society with its young dynamic structure needs a qualified education where its people can be circulated in the international labour market.  Kocaeli Health and Technology University graduates, on the one hand, are aimed to contribute to meeting the needs of a qualified workforce in our country, while they are aimed to be effective, efficient and sought-after members of the international labor market.  The vision of Kocaeli Health and Technology University is on the basis of; Research motivation and skill, scientific freedom, equality of opportunity, social and moral sensitivity, success-orientedness, healthy living, being “us” individuals, the principles of respect for nature and human beings, and the values of being international individuals without departing from their own culture.

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