Lecturer Sertan TURAN

D. Head of Strategy Planning and Development Office


0(262) 999 80 85

The duties of the Strategy Planning and Development Office Directorate are as follows:


  • To coordinate strategic planning studies,
  • To provide training and consultancy services that will be needed in the strategic planning process of the administration,
  • To set strategic goals and measurable goals, to measure performances in line with predetermined indicators and to monitor and evaluate this process,
  • To prepare medium-term programs, policies and medium-term financial plans in accordance with national, regional and sectoral plans and programs and to ensure efficient use of resources,
  • To submit a copy of the strategic plan and the approval of the top manager,
  • To announce the strategic plan to the public and publish it on our university website,
  • To identify new service opportunities and take precautions against threats that prevent effectiveness and efficiency,
  • To analyze the effectiveness and beneficiary satisfaction of the services and conduct general research.