Dear Candidates,

Kocaeli Health and Technology University is the last link of the European Education Group, which has thirty-five years of educational experience, in the field of higher education, which started in Istanbul with the Vocational School in 2009 and continued with Cyprus Island Kent University in 2016.

Our university provides education and training services at associate, undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the fields of health and engineering sciences; with the Faculties of Dentistry, Health Sciences, Engineering and Natural Sciences, Faculties of Social Sciences and Humanities, Graduate Education Institute and Vocational School, it prepares its students for the future in the best way.  If you choose our university, you will have the opportunity to receive a quality education from our qualified academic staff in our classrooms and laboratories with modern educational technologies.

Our European Vocational School has an important place in Turkish Higher Education. Our students who graduated from our school, which has 11 years of experience in associate degree programs, have established an important success bar in participation in employment. Having completed its second year at the undergraduate level, Cyprus Island Kent University has come to the forefront in a short time with its academic staff, quality education and modern education technologies infrastructure in the Faculties of Dentistry, Health Sciences, Engineering and Law.

The Covid-19 outbreak, which affects the whole world, has made the professional groups in the field of Health Sciences and Health Technologies the most important professional group in the national and international field. In our university, which was built on the foundations of health and engineering, you can choose our departments in this field and you can complete your career and also increase your equipment with undergraduate and graduate programs such as health technologies, medical engineering, occupational health and safety. While continuing your university education, you may also find the opportunity to benefit from industry cooperation and R&D investment programs and platforms created by our university, which is at the heart of the developing Turkish industry.

I wish you all healthy days and success…

Prof. Dr. Muzaffer ELMAS