Dear Prospective Students,

You left behind a long and tiring marathon. You are now at a point where you will be rewarded for your efforts and direct your life. You all want to make the right choice for yourself and become sought after in your profession in the future. Surely you know that this does not only mean getting a good education, but you also need to improve yourself in the social, cultural and technological field.

In our age, university students should be people who know the world and can adapt to other cultures quickly, apart from achieving academic success. As Kocaeli Health and Technology University, we not only offer our students a good education, but also a university environment where they can develop themselves in different fields.  Our students will not only discover themselves, get to know business life, receive theoretical and practical training, but also improve themselves in social areas such as culture and arts.

Our university, which has been training well-equipped healthcare professionals for the health sector for many years, also aims to train future healthcare professionals.

In our age, as in any sector, the health sector needs to be supported with the latest technology. Even a small technological development in the health sector can be vital. For this reason, we will present health technology and science to our students together that support our health departments and programs with our engineering faculty.

We believe that we will contribute to our society with our unique education system at our university.

We invite you to our university, which offers a happy and efficient working environment.



Secretary General