Coordinator of the Distance Education Unit

0(262) 999 80 85

The tasks of the Distance Education Unit Coordinator are as follows :

  • Managing the unit for its purposes, coordinating the work of the unit.
  • To prepare the annual activity report of the unit and the work schedule for the next year and to submit it for the approval of the Rector.
  • To carry out the administrative affairs of the unit, determine the need for personnel and submit it for approval by the Rector.
  • To cooperate with domestic and international Distance Education Units.
  • To ensure the coordination of the Distance Education Unit with respect to its information activities with other departments of the University.
  • To present associate, undergraduate and graduate programs and departments that will conduct distance education over the Internet, to the approval of the Rector, taking into account the opinions of department / program heads, relevant unit managers.
  • Informing the units about the functioning or participating in meetings during the discussion of associate, undergraduate or graduate programs that conduct distance education.
  • To ensure that the instructors working in the Distance Education Unit are informed about the necessary issues and to prepare the course content trainings.

Lecturer Yasemin KÜÇÜK