Asst. Prof. Şenol DURMUŞOĞLU

Construction Affairs and Technical Office

0(262) 999 80 85

The duties of the Construction Affairs and Technical Office Directorate are as follows:

  • To carry out projects of university buildings and facilities, to prepare tender files, to carry out tenders related to construction and repair, to check and take delivery of constructions, and to carry out maintenance and repair duties,
  • To carry out similar duties such as heater, boiler room, cold room, generator, ventilation systems, telephone exchange, landscaping and vehicle operation, elevator maintenance and repair.

The Technical Department of Construction Affairs is responsible for the activities of the Kocaeli Health and Technology University, in accordance with its mission, vision and quality standards in order to fulfill the services that concern the whole university in an economical and effective way and to use the available resources in the most efficient way.

These activities are; security of buildings and facilities, precautions against fire, all kinds of maintenance – repair services (lighting, elevator, telephone, plumbing, glass, etc.), general cleaning services, heating-ventilation services, vehicles and parking lots, landscaping, duplication and photocopying services.

Kocaeli Health and Technology University, Construction Affairs Technical Department aims to be an effective unit that produces fast, practical, effective solutions for the continuity of services in the areas that it is responsible for with its existing staff.