Important Announcement About The Registration Documents And Payment Method Of Our Newly Paid Students Of Our University!

Documents Required For Registration


-OSYM placement result certificate 2 pieces                                                                                                                   – Copy of the identity card

-OSYM preference list (for preference scholarship) 2 pieces                                                                                      –  Residence certificate (e-government ) 2 pcs

-High school diploma (photocopy ) 2 pcs                                                                                                                        – 6 passport-size photos (taken within the last 6 months )

– Military service status certificate (e-government)

– Transcript certificate for exemption (for students who have previously studied at the university)



1-Pay in Advance

Pay paying the full annual tuition fee; all debit and credit cards can be paid with one withdrawal or you can make a direct transfer or EFT to the following bank account of the university.

In the payments made through the bank, “Student Name Last name” and “T.C. The “ID Number” information must be specified in the receipt description.


IBAN No: TR 54 0013 4000 0099 8801 8000 01

Bank name: Denizbank

Description: Student name-surname, T.C. Identity No

2-Pay in Installments

In order to realize your tuition fee in installments, 30% of the total tuition fee is initially charged in advance. The rest can be paid in the form of 6 installments.

Paying by Bank Credit Card

All Maximum, World, Bonus and Axess credit cards can be paid by dividing the remaining amount into 7 installments after 30% of the amount is taken as a down payment.

Paying by Installment Method by Opening an Overdraft Account (KMH)

Students can make transactions by opening an overdraft account at the Denizbank branch, which will be open at the Central Campus of Kocaeli Health and Technology University during the registration period.

First, 30% of the tuition payment amount is paid as a down payment, and then the remaining amount is divided into 6 installments. (The down payment amount is paid by making a bank transfer or making a single withdrawal on a credit card.)

Student’s name-surname, T, by the bank for opening an overdraft account for the student/parent up to the amount remaining after paying the down payment .C. if the ID number, as well as the KMH will be opened on the guardian, the guardian’s name-surname is T.C. the identification number and the amount to be opened KMH are notified to the bank and an inquiry is made. After the overdraft account is approved, the pay plan is prepared.

Late interest will be accrued by Denizbank on installments that are not deposited to the specified account on time.