Computer Engineering

Computer engineering is a discipline that aims at the systematic structure, development and effective use of hardware and software, integrating engineering and mathematics and guiding the technology.  Our aim as a department is to train equipped engineers to play a leading role in the development of new technologies, enabling the design, development and effective use of computer systems.


Our Mission

The mission of our department is to contribute to the development of our country and humanity by educating researchers who can follow current technologies and developments in their field, develop what they have learned when necessary, produce useful academic outputs, new products and solutions, are environmentally conscious, have professional ethics and human values.


Our Vision

The vision of our department is to train highly qualified and socially responsible, intellectually minded engineers who design and realize information systems that develop and diversify in line with today’s needs, in addition to our quality education, and to be a respected department at the national and international level.



Students who will graduated from our department will be able to make business initiatives in their own fields, as well as work opportunities in public institutions or national/international businesses.

They can find opportunities to work in a wide range of business sectors, such as Software Development, Manufacturing Systems, Web and Application Platforms, AI and Data Analysis, Digital Transformation, Cloud Computing, Autonomous Tools, computer Game Development, Cyber Security, Robotics, Education, Bioinformatics, Finance Computing.