Dear Students,

As the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, our main philosophy in education is to educate enlightened young people who have learned the basic engineering approaches and methods very well, have gained the ability to apply them innovatively and creatively to solve problems; who can conduct original and innovative research, produce knowledge and have high responsibility with the engineering education they have received, under the leadership of science and adhering to ethical values.

The Computer Engineering department was established first in our faculty, and our studies related to other departments are continuing. We know that the Computer Engineer deficit will continue to increase for many years, not only in our country, but all over the world, and that computer-based technologies should be used in all fields such as medicine, finance, banking, defense industry, space. This further highlights the need for you and the importance of qualified engineering.

Our biggest goal is to educate our students in a way that can solve current engineering problems, have good communication skills, are prone to teamwork, and take responsibility for projects that will be carried out for the benefit of society, with our idealistic and strong academic staff and infrastructure, who are able to create effective solutions using engineering approaches and do their best to train you as qualified individuals who can keep up with innovations with the education they receive. Our faculty will continue its path with strong steps when you graduate, with what you will do as an engineer and with your activity in the market, with the voice you will bring.

I wish you all success in your university life, I hope that you will be useful to our country as qualified and intellectual engineers at the same time, and when you look back, I hope that you will remember your university years as the best years of your life.


Prof. Dr. Nevcihan DURU

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences