Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

It was established in the first half of 2021 in line with the vision of becoming a university of technology by using the strong educational infrastructure of our university from the past. Our faculty, which is located in the most intensive industrial zone of our country, can develop needs-oriented, qualified scientific and technological solutions within the faculty with faculty members who have close ties with industry. With this strong university-industry cooperation, it will be possible for the developed technologies to be transformed into direct economic value, as well as for our graduates to reach job opportunities quickly.

In the first place, education life started with one of the most popular and valid departments such as Computer Engineering. We are working for the opening of other engineering departments in our faculty, which has a strong academic staff and an advanced laboratory infrastructure.


Fields of Study

Our students who will graduate from our faculty will have job opportunities in public organizations or national/international enterprises in addition to being able to engage in business ventures in their own fields.

They can find the opportunity to work in sectors such as Software Development, Production Systems, Web and Application Platforms, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis, Software Testing and Quality Assessment, Secure Software Development, Digital Transformation, Cloud Computing, Autonomous Vehicles, Computer Game Development, Cyber Security, Robotics, Education, Bioinformatics, Finance Informatics in a large number of fields of activity.