Software Engineering Department

Software Engineering is an important area of study for the advanced technological applications in the modern business world. Computers are used extensively in areas of banking, communications, medicine, energy systems, defense, space, design and production areas, and all these computers cannot function without proper and efficient software applications.

While it was a course of the computer engineering department, it became an engineering branch due to the need arising from the developing technology.

The training period is 4 years.


Our Mission

Our mission is to educate qualified software engineers who can produce effective solutions by using engineering approaches in the life and to contribute to the scientific studies with software engineering.


Our Vision

Our vision is to become a department that conducts scientific studies in software engineering and its related fields and to educate engineers who can create effective and innovative solutions by using current technologies in software engineering field at Turkey and all over the World.


Working Areas

Software engineers who will graduate from these department; In addition to being able to make business ventures in their own fields, they will have job opportunities in public institutions or national/international enterprises.

Software Engineers can start their own business. They can find the opportunity to work in the fields such as banking, gaming, communication, energy, e-government, e-commerce, electronic warfare, defense systems, signal processing, health information systems, robotics and artificial intelligence.