Dear Students,

As Kocaeli Health and Technology University, we started to provide undergraduate level education with the Nursing department as of the 2020-2021 academic year. The health sector has been of great importance for every period. However, with the recent pandemic process, the burden of our health workers has increased enormously and it has been understood that the sector needs much more equipped healthcare workers.

At this point, we aim to train health professionals who are equipped, cultured and who will see their profession as a way of life that society and sector need. Our university will provide its students with extensive resources not only in academic life but also in social and cultural fields.  At the end of their 4-year education life, our students will graduate from our school as health professionals who are competent and disciplined in their field, who have a different mindset and understanding and also committed to ethical values.


We will continue to train health professionals in different branches by opening our Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, English Nursing and Nutrition and Dietetics departments in the next education periods.

On behalf of all academic staff and administrative colleagues, I greet you and wish you a successful education life together.

Love and respect.

Prof. Dr. Atilla Gürses

D. Dean / Faculty of Health Sciences