Welcome to Kocaeli Health and Technology University Graduate Education Institute!

Kocaeli Health and Technology University Graduate Education Institute, established in order to bring together those who plan to pursue an academic career with high-level educational opportunities in addition to professional development. with its innovative and sustainable vision, it aims to open new horizons for its students and add value to them in their field. Our primary goal is to be able to make effective contributions to the goal of “Becoming one of the best research universities in Turkey and the world” acquired by Kocaeli Health and Technology University with our qualified academic staff and innovative graduate programs that are constantly updated. In our journey with this understanding, our main goal is to expand the growing family of KOSTU graduates by developing academic and professional careers with a strong staff, creative programs, international connections, outstanding students and flexible educational activities for everyone who comes to graduate education, supporting the training of career and qualified specialists who can work in every national and international institution and organization.
Continuing its work with this mission, our institute continues to work on opening new programs and especially interdisciplinary master’s and doctoral programs Decently considering the needs of the region and our country.
We invite prospective students who share the same vision as us, have innovative and ambitious goals to join the Graduate Education Institute family of Kocaeli Health and Technology University.

Yours sincerely….

Prof. Dr. Yurdanur DIKMEN