As Kocaeli University of Health and Technology Department of Foreign Languages, our aim is to provide preparatory program education for our students who will continue our English-speaking programs, to provide compulsory English, Professional English and Elective Speaking and Writing in  English courses to our undergraduate students, who will continue their academic studies and contribute to their professional development in their professional lives in order to gain English language proficiency.

In our Preparatory Program, which is the beginning of university education, practical studies are carried out not only for the development of English language skills, but also for the academic and personal development of students through in-class and extra-class activities with the guidance and support of our instructors.

We aim to improve English language proficiency through online platform-supported materials used for this purpose, social media and the projects they are directed.

In our rapidly changing world, we attach great importance to the fact that the graduates of our University are qualified, equipped, have advanced social skills, can express themselves easily in another foreign language as well as in their mother tongue, can follow current professional developments, and have high cultural awareness.

In line with this goal, it is an undeniable fact that knowing a foreign language is the most important tool. We invite you, our students, to actively participate in this goal in order to equip your language learning, which is the most important investment of your future, individually and professionally, with the highest level of achievements.