Dear Students,


First of all, welcome to our young and dynamic University. I sincerely congratulate you as the first participants of our educational activities that we started with the Department of Psychology as of the 2022-2023 academic year. After an intense exam marathon, you are in an environment where you will learn up-to-date knowledge and practices in your field from our competent and well-equipped instructors. Here, we attach great importance to your training as individuals who are equipped at the national and international level with in and out of class activities to increase not only your professional knowledge, but also your individual and social competencies, foreign language and technological opportunities brought/required by the age we live in. With the “flexible learning model based on competencies” adopted by our university, we are excited to share with you a learning adventure of permanent and deep learning, which we start from within the institution and support with our external collaborations, and which will take place with your ‘active’ participation.


During your university education, you will produce works in a wide range of areas from acquiring academic study skills to professional practices within the framework of universal ethical values; to learn to be a part of the solution with the sensitivity you will develop in all matters related to “life”; to produce universal ‘value’ by synthesizing what you will learn from other cultures with our own values; and to ‘realizing yourself’ as an individual. These works will be enriched and become more meaningful with the sociability, desire, motivation and curiosity you will show. We live in an age where we cannot spend our whole life with the legacy of 4 years of knowledge. While constantly updating yourselves throughout life and in all areas of life with the interdisciplinary studies required by the post-modern era; I want you to know that we are with you on the way to be individuals who has internalized the basic characteristics of being a ‘good person’ and who change, transform and develop this while living in harmony with their environment. Wishing for many great successes together with you as a team…


Prof. Dr. Firdevs Karahan


Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences