Our institution evaluates all processes of vocational education with a holistic approach; presenting yesterday, today and future fiction to its students on a scientific basis; with the awareness that quality is an uninterrupted process, it aims to train professional employees who can meet the realities of today and the expectations of the future.  Our other goal is to raise individuals who have professional sensitivities, adopt a solution-oriented approach, and have acquired professional ethic concerns in a climate strengthened by the wealth of communication.  Our other goal is to achieve these goals of our institution, to create administrative and academic staff, who are real stakeholders in the scientific, professional and social development of our students and also they overlap our founding mission and vision.


For this purpose, the university encourages industry cooperation and interdisciplinary studies, has a free, open, questioning and result-oriented research culture, adopts an accessible, transparent, fair and accountable management approach, adheres to environmental sustainability principles, has adopted an approach that encourages lifelong learning, cares about social responsibility, and carries on continuous improvement and development activities in order to achieve the goal adopted with these approaches.


Design, application, follow-up, inspection, analysis and continuity, which are included in the quality processes, have started to be implemented with a certain discipline in our institution as of the 2020-2021 academic year.