Important Announcement About Exams For Our Students!

(It must be read aloud by the proctor before the exam begins.)


✓ Excess clothing should be left in the available area to be shown by the proctors before starting the exam.
✓ The student sitting in the row is responsible for the writings related to the exam on the floors such as desks,
walls, etc., and the documents under and around the desk. The student should check his/her order before starting
the exam, delete these writings if there is such a situation, and inform the proctor before the exam starts.
✓ It is forbidden to keep mobile phones on during the exam. The student should put it in the bag in a closed way.
If there is no bag, according to the conditions of the exam hall, it should be kept under the student’s desk if the
exam is in the classroom, and in the exam lecture hall, above the student’s desk, in the area where the proctor
can see it, closed and with the screen turned upside down.
✓ It is forbidden to wear headphones, to have devices such as pocket computers, bluetooth, voice recorders, etc.,
and to use all kinds of communication devices.
✓ Resources other than pencils and erasers that are allowed to be used in the exam by the course coordinator can
be brought to the exam room. From the distribution of the exam documents, there is absolutely no shopping
between the students. Actions taken for this purpose will be considered as an attempt to copy.
✓ Depending on the nature of the exam, unless it is given within the scope of the exam documents, no additional
papers can be kept on the exam order for manuscript purposes.
✓ Before the exam starts, student relocation, placement or arrangement can be made by the proctor. For this reason,
students must take at least 10 minutes before the exam starts. First, it is recommended that they be present in
the pre-designated exam room.
✓ Students must have their ID cards/student cards with them during the exam. The exam signature list will be
circulated by the proctors according to a certain format after the exam starts, and the student will be signed by
looking at the student ID card. Those who do not have their ID card with them during the exam must bring their
ID card to the course coordinator after the end of the exam and sign it.
✓ The student is responsible for filling in the fields related to the identity information on the exam documents
before the exam starts.
✓ All coding must be done with a pencil. Coding with a ballpoint pen will not be evaluated.
✓ Exam questions or answers cannot be written on a piece of paper and taken out of the exam room.
✓ Water can be drunk during the exam; However, it is forbidden to eat food.
✓ Students whose names are on the exam signature list for the first 15 minutes of the exam can enter the exam.
The student who takes the exam cannot leave the exam for the first 15 minutes. Students who leave the exam
outside of these periods cannot retake the exam or the exam hall. He has to wait for the end of the exam.
✓ Exam times are indicated in minutes on the exam documents. The exam period starts with the proctors’ warning
“The exam has started.”
✓ During the exam, the proctors and the course coordinator will not be discussed, and in case of incorrect question
detection, the student/s can notify this situation by submitting a petition to the Faculty/Vocational School
administration at the end of the exam.
✓ Cheating or any attempt to cheat in exams is not allowed. Actions that are considered as cheating attempts are
recorded in the “Exam Cheating Report” by the proctor and the report is submitted to the Faculty/Vocational

School administration for necessary actions. The relevant articles of the Higher Education Institutions Student
Discipline Regulation* are applied for the students named in the cheating action
* Higher Education Institutions Student Discipline Regulation
Disciplinary Offenses Requiring Reprimand ARTICLE 5 (1) d. Attempting to cheat in exams.
Disciplinary offenses that require suspension from a higher education institution for one semester ARTICLE 7 (1) e. Cheating or
having them cheated in exams.
Disciplinary offenses that require suspension from a higher education institution for two semesters ARTICLE 8 (1) d. Cheating in
exams with threats, preventing cheating students from being removed from the exam hall, taking someone else to take the exam instead
of themselves, or taking the exam on someone else’s behalf.

✓ During the exam, students should sit properly according to the placement determined by the proctor at the
beginning of the exam, not look at the environment and not behave in a way that disrupts the exam order.
Supervisors can warn the student about this. Persons who do not comply with the warnings are recorded in the
report and the report is delivered to the Faculty/Vocational School administration for necessary actions.
✓ The exam ends with the proctor’s warning, “Your exam is over.” Students should not leave their places after the
warning. Exam documents will be received by the proctor by counting the exam pages.
We wish all our students success in their exams.