Faculty of Pharmacy

It is the aim of our faculty to train qualified manpower in all areas where the pharmacy and health sector needs pharmacists. Pharmacy; methods of analysis of drugs, the pharmacological effect the continuity of the medication to be presented to the patient, safety, efficacy and cost in order to use the best format in terms of supervision, the need of both the individual and the society as a result of drug use on the scale to determine the principles of bringing emerging multifaceted solutions to problems besides offering the cure, health promotion and rehabilitation of disease at the point of all the duties, powers, responsibilities and functions. The World Health Organization defines four separate functions for pharmacy. These are; preparation, production, quality control of medicines; provision, storage and distribution of drugs (delivery to the patient); ensuring rational use of drugs and monitoring the epidemiology and undesirable effects of drugs.


Career Opportunities

Graduates from our school; Ministry of health, pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Agency can work with the Social Security Institution and the free/pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy (R & D, pharmaceutical production, quality control, marketing, pharmacovigilance, regulatory affairs, patent), expertise in pharmaceuticals Exam (EUS) with expertise in clinical pharmacy and fitofarmasi, or can work as a pharmacist in the drug store manager and responsible.