3. 4 From the class. To the Attention of Our Students Who Will Pass the Class

Our valued students,

5 Of the COSTUME Measurement and Evaluation Directive. Article 7. According to me, “A student of the Faculty of Dentistry; 3.4 without successfully completing the classroom area coded courses.from the class; 4.5 before successfully completing the classroom area coded courses.he can’t take lessons from the classroom. However; if the student’s failed course with area code is 1 (one); a compensation exam right may be granted by the decision of the board of directors. September 11-13, 2023, Applications for the passing exam to be made to the Faculty Secretariat with a petition (Dec. 11-13, 2023).dishekimliği.fakultesekreterligi@kocelisaglik.edu.tr ) will be done. Tuesday September 19th, 2023, at 15:00, the application status of the students whose applications have been approved will be published on the web page and their exams will be held online via LMS.

We wish you every success.