Faculty Of Dentistry

The purpose of the department is to raise qualified dentists who have the latest theoretical knowledge, prioritize human health, are sensitive to scientific developments and open, give priority to public oral and dental health, provide the healthiest and quality treatment services based on modern and advanced technology, and can also lead the society with leadership qualities.

The aim of our faculty is to raise dentists who are able to monitor, implement and even contribute to professional knowledge and technologies, developments and changes, to develop and maintain not only therapeutic but also protective oral and dental health services, while evaluating the results based on evidence research, by considering the professional ethical values and principles.

In addition to educating our students as highly qualified dentists, we are determined to contribute to being individuals who are equipped with communication and leadership features that make their decisions freely.

Our mission as Faculty of Dentistry is to be in the first place among other dentistry faculties in a short time. You are invited to a faculty that can provide competent and sufficient dentistry education locally and internationally.

The education period of the Faculty of Dentistry is 5 years and the language of instruction is Turkish.

Career Opportunities: Dentists can work in hospitals, dispensaries or private practices.