The Purpose of the Program: Optician is the health care professional who helps the patients choose an appropriate glass frame according to their face features by looking at the glasses prescribed by an ophthalmologist and then mounts the optical glasses to the frame. Opticians also have knowledge about the contacts and cosmetic lenses. Therefore opticianry has a vital role in the preventive eye health care. Optician can prepare, mount and adjust the glasses and the frames of any glasses. They also sell glasses and lenses.

They are legally in charge of the management of the establishments selling glasses, frames and lenses. Besides, making agreements with government agencies and following the articles of the agreements are among their liabilities. The duration of the program is two years

Career Opportunities: The graduates of Opticianry Program are given the title of “Optician” and they will be able to open their own optician stores or work as a responsible manager in other optician stores. They can work as technicians in the eye policlinics in the hospitals. Besides, they can work for enterprises or factories producing and importing glasses or frames.