The Purpose of the Program: Medical laboratory technician is a health care professional who performs the required medical analyzes in the medical analysis laboratories within the health care facilities. Medical laboratory technicians control the testing machines and devices before every use as well as prepare the essential liquid chemicals, mixtures and physical conditions required for testing the samples used for the experiments, analyses and tests. They also report and follow the findings after performing the experiments, analyses and tests by using the equipment in the laboratories. These technicians are also in charge of the maintenance of these devices, machines and equipment on the laboratories. They help the research of the

laboratory specialists and doctors. The graduates are given “Laboratory Technician” title. The duration of the education takes two years

Career Opportunities: Medical laboratory technicians can work for the hospitals, medical faculties, private medical analysis laboratories, research centers of the health care institutions, laboratories of Public Health Institution of Turkey, laboratories of Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency, food industry establishments and institutions, organizations and research centers conducting medical research and development studies.