The Purpose of the Program: The purpose of Medical Documentation and Secretarial Program is to train technicians who can run the secretarial services, who can carry out the registration procedures of the diagnosis and treatments of the illnesses and who can prepare the medical, administrative and statistical documents in the health care institutions and organizations. Besides, these technicians will be able to organize and archive the related documents, to carry out the acceptance procedures of the patients, to prepare the files of the patients, to prepare the patients for the physical examination, to classify and code the illnesses, procedures and health issues according to the international classification systems.

The duration of the program is two years

Career Opportunities: Our graduates are in charge of not only collecting and saving the medical documents and findings but also forwarding them to the relevant people and units. They can be employed in the public and private hospitals and clinics. The graduates who are given the title of “Health Care Technician” can work for some of the units of public and private health care institutions and organizations, the outpatient clinics, private health care policlinics, Provincial Directorates of Health, companies publishing medical electronic resources, companies providing medical equipment, dispensaries, medical imaging centers and physicians.